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The RoadWorkerTM Story We are proud members of “Friends of Jawbone.” FOJ is a group of off–road enthusiasts who proactively work with the BLM (Federal Bureau of Land Management) to care for the environment while ensuring safe access to public lands in the Mojave Desert.   Over the years FOJ has contracted with BLM to maintain roads and access ways. FOJ was asked to install thousands of signs and fences. Two man augers would burn out people in a day. Large trucks with augers caused too much damage to the environment. It couldn’t travel the small mountainous paths in the desert. Small tractors had to be loaded, unloaded and reloaded all day long since signs were so far apart.   Being near Edwards AFB we had a built in brain reserve. The owner of Mojave Industrial Tools came up with the idea of a portable, self contained, truck mounted machine with hydraulic power and hand held controls. Thus was born: “The RoadWorkerTM.”   The RoadWorkerTM is very special. It’s most obvious at sales demos when the people who work with machinery begin to figure out all of the ways they want to use it. The lights go on in their heads. You don’t need to send a crew when one person is enough. You also don’t have to send a large truck and trailer with a mini-tractor. The smallest RoadWorkerTM fits in the bed of a ¾ ton pickup and can be easily transferred between vehicles. The RoadWorkerTM is best when you have to travel to jobs and don’t have all day to get the job done. Whether you dig, pull, drill, lift, hammer, pound or vibrate, the RoadWorkerTM is your very powerful multi-purpose tool.   © 2011 Mojave Industral Tools (760) 373-0444 Operating the RoadWorker is so easy. It's just a push of the button. It saves us so much time.” Shelly Hammersmith