The RoadWorkerTM is a new and unique multi-tool. It provides the power of hydraulics, the flexibility of a boom and extension and can easily be operated by one person. The RoadWorker is self contained with its own engine sitting on a steel pallet. It is the newest and best way to get your job done.  © 2011 Mojave Industral Tools We tried other machines. Now we own and operate four RoadWorkers installing signs and fencing on BLM land.  It’s simply superior.”   Ed Waldheim
The RoadWorkerTM
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What’s New Solar Foundation Pile Installation The New M-21 (designed specifically for Rocky soil in India) uses the New ViperRAM* to install I-Beams for Solar structures by Vibratory Mode and then when refusal is reached, the operator engages the Ram/Hammer Mode to finish the hole. There’s more:  ViperDRILL and Track Unit!  *Patented Click here to get more information   (760) 373-0444 Website by Visit Our Photo Gallery The RoadWorkertm Earth Anchor Auger The RoadWorkertm Earth Anchor Auger has taken us International! It installs Earth Anchors of all kinds.  With all the amenities of a RoadWorkertm, but with the power needed to install the Anchor with minimal soil disturbance. Need FM 2.4 GHZ 100 mw Pendent controlled equipment? Click here to see how Chevron and BP are using them in Malaysia & Indonesia! Click photos to enlarge
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